Australian College of PeriAnaesthesia
Nurses - ACPAN, PO BOX 5134
Burnley, VIC 3121, Australia



Our vision is to promote and advocate for perianaesthesia nursing professional practice through the development of statements, practice standards, education curriculums, certification, fellowship and the affirmation of ACPAN accredited education providers.


The Australian College of PeriAnaesthesia Nurses (ACPAN) is the peak professional body and the industry leader for professional practice development, education and guidelines for perianaesthesia nurses across Australia.

Founded in 1994 as the Victorian Society of Post Anaesthetic and Anaesthetic Nurses group (VSPAAN), to provide education for perianaesthesia nurses, as other special interest groups were not addressing their perianaesthesia needs. In response to growing national membership, VSPAAN changed its name to ASPAAN in 2005. In June 2016 a special general meeting was held to transform ASPAAN into a college, ACPAN to strengthen our reputation, provision of education and advance the profession of perianaesthesia nursing.  ACPAN currently has more than 800 members Australia wide, and continues to grow.


The Australian College of PeriAnaesthesia Nurses (ACPAN) was convened to promote the professional development of post anaesthesia and anaesthesia nurses through regular meetings, accredited education events, certification, university scholarships, standards and guidelines development, national conference events and publication of newsletters.

ACPAN liaises and consults with ANZCA and ASA to advocate and promote perianaesthesia nursing best practice through development of professional practice standards, guidelines, statements and an education curriculum across Australia.

ACPAN collaborates with and supports national and international perianaesthesia nursing, medical and non-medical organisations to benchmark professional practice and training and to ensure its members have access to best practice trends.