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Membership Director

Develops and operationalises the value added services for members, including the State Seminars, National Conference, website and membership support.

Donna Hopley (NSW) 2021 - Current

Donna Hopley, MN Nursing GradCert Periop, Dip Anaes, BN is a clinical nurse educator and clinical nurse specialist working in the operating suite at the John Hunter Hospital and John Hunter Children's Hospital in Newcastle. The John Hunter Hospital is a major teaching hospital and is the Primary Tertiary Referral Centre for Trauma in northern NSW.

Donna has 30 years of nursing with 20 years of experience in anaesthetics and PACU. Completing her Bachelor of Nursing, The Australian Society of Anaesthesia Paramedical Officers Diploma, Graduate Certificate in Perioperative Nursing, a Master’s in Nursing specialising in education and leadership from the University of New England.

Donnas additional interest in education lead her to be an Advanced life support assessor, complete her Certificate IV in workplace training and assessment, Hand Hygiene and Asepsis Auditor. She has been a part of the Safe sedation working party and Assistant to the anaesthetist with the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI)

Donna Joined the ACPAN board in 2009 when it was still ASPAAN as an NSW committee member, then briefly onto NSW Director, and then ACPAN Membership Director. Donna has been awarded life membership with ACPAN for her commitment and contribution to perioperative nursing.

Donna has co-chaired conferences both nationally and locally, she has hosted and presented at Education days. She has relieved in Nurse educator and Nurse Unit Manager Roles on numerous occasions. When not working she loves spending her time with her family and grandchildren.

Professional Documents Director

Develops and operationalises ACPAN Practice Standards and Practice Guidelines and conducts review of professional practise where required.

Dr Heather Reynolds (QLD) 2021 - Current

Heather Reynolds PhD FACPAN has over 20 years’ experience in intensive care and anaesthetic nursing, culminating in a Doctor of Philosophy at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. She has presented internationally on dressing and securement of arterial catheters and has been a Research Fellow with the Alliance for Vascular Access Teaching and Research (AVATAR) at Griffith University, 2015-2017. She has multiple publications including the achievement of a Cochrane Protocol about dressings and securement devices to prevent complications with peripheral arterial catheters (with the Review due for publication in 2021).

In 2017 at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine, Heather published an organisational procedural document for insertion and care of arterial catheters that incorporated a care bundle, in collaboration with intensive care. Heather has worked as a Clinical Research Nurse at the Department of Anaesthesia RBWH since 2007 and has also worked as Data Analyst for the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists’ Data Committee since 2010.

Professional Development Director

To provide strategic direction and governance to the ACPAN Board on credentialing, fellowship and pathways of education and development as well examinations and assessment.

Stacey Hall (NSW) 2021 - Current

For as long as she can remember, Stacey wanted to be a nurse. Mesmerised by the ambulances as they rushed past to attend to their patients and a staunch fan of A Country Practice, nursing in some capacity was inevitable. During her year 10 work experience at Camden District Hospital and thinking scrub/scout nursing would be her calling, Stacey was fortunate to experience a day in the operating theatre. That was it. There was no turning back. Scrubs would become her life.

During her 12 week third year nursing student rotation within the operating suite at John Hunter Hospital (JHH), Stacey realised she was home. However, what she didn’t anticipate was her constant interest and distraction of anaesthetists and anaesthetic nurses. Hmmmm, what are they doing? I want in!

After completing her Bachelor of Nursing in 2002, Stacey secured a post-graduate position at JHH, and to her absolute excitement, was allocated the operating suite for her first three month rotation. You beaut. Back to back three month rotations in the operating suite at JHH and even more awesome, practice in anaesthetics and recovery! And so, her fate was sealed. After completing her postgraduate program in 2003, Stacey has remained dedicated to the perioperative specialty, with continuous service in her much loved world of anaesthetics and recovery nursing (the good side)!

Whilst fulfilling her passion in anaesthetics and recovery at John Hunter Hospital, Stacey has completed her Graduate Certificate in Perioperative Nursing with the college of Nursing, a Diploma in Clinical Nursing (Anaesthetics and Recovery) with the University of Tasmania (UTAS), as well as a Master of Clinical Nursing (Anaesthetics and Recovery). A keen interest in academia and research, Stacey joined the teaching team at UTAS where she continues working today, supplementing her clinical role as a Clinical Nurse Specialist at JHH.

Stacey successfully meet ACPAN Clinical Fellowship requirements in 2019 and immediately took up the role of New South Wales (NSW) President in November 2019 in an attempt to give back to this wonderful profession. After 12 months as the NSW President, Stacey is honoured to serve ACPAN members and the ACPAN board in the capacity of Director of Professional Development in November 2020.

Stacey’s future nursing career is focused on research, specifically in relation to anaesthetic and recovery practice, where she hopes to follow her passion for practice development using evidence based findings.