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ACPAN Professional Development

ACPAN Professional Development aims to support education programs that promote the highest standards of perianaesthesia nursing care, based on available evidence, consultation, and expert consensus. ACPAN maintains a focus of being a certification, endorsement and accreditation body through the development and release of training curricula.

ACPAN Level 1 Certified Nurses, ACPAN Clinical Fellows and ACPAN Professional Fellows demonstrate experience, skill and knowledge levels that promote safe and effective perianaesthesia patient care. They comply with ACPAN Professional Standards, Statements and Guidelines. The ACPAN Education Standards and curriculum have been developed in consultation with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) and Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA) and form the basis for certification of anaesthesia nurses and postanaesthesia care nurses in Australia. Additionally, the Education Standards and curriculum comply with ANZCA PS08 and PS04 and are benchmarked against then International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists Standards

It is anticipated that ACPAN Level 1 Certified Nurses, ACPAN Clinical Fellows and ACPAN Professional Fellows will be highly sought after and recommended when applying for and/or working within the perianaesthesia nursing domain.

ACPAN advocates for and promotes ACPAN Certification and ACPAN Fellowships programs, through lobbying health departments in each state/territory jurisdiction with the objective to set a distinction between ACPAN Level 1 Certified Nurses, ACPAN Clinical Fellows and ACPAN Professional Fellows and those working in the specialty without these ACPAN programs.

ACPAN acknowledges that individuals working in perianaesthesia nursing across Australia may undertake various education and training activities in the workplace, through varying continuing professional development opportunities and through the attainment of qualifications and these may be delivered in many different formats at many different locations. Furthermore, ACPAN may accredit and support education providers and as such, these will be listed on the ACPAN website as information becomes available.

ACPAN Education offers the opportunity for nurses to certify as a Level 1 Anaesthesia Nurse/ Assistant and/or Level 1 Postanaesthesia Care Nurse. The ACPAN Level 1 Certified Nurse program is designed to exceed the requirements Statement on the Assistant for the Anaesthetist (PS08) 2016 and the Statement on the Post-Anaesthesia Care Unit (PS04) 2018, developed by the Australian New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA).

ACPAN is the first Australian specialty nursing college to offer a Clinical Fellowship for nurses in direct clinical care, based on attainment of a standard of education, training and experience, which advocates and promotes expertise in perianaesthesia nursing care. Additionally, ACPAN offers a Professional Fellowship for nurses working in management, research and/or education roles.