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Clinical Fellowship

The ACPAN Clinical Fellowship program is designed for practising anaesthesia and post-anaesthesia care nurses who would like to demonstrate their advanced specialisation and emerge as clinical leaders in our field of healthcare. The program is suitable for Registered Nurses with a minimum of 3600 hours (2 years full-time or equivalent part-time) clinical experience in anaesthesia and post-anaesthesia care (PACU).

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Experiences from some of our Fellows

“The preparation for the viva was exciting and scary. Exciting to study new and review existing knowledge. The Viva was a LOT LESS scary than expected. Relaxed atmosphere, laughter and guiding by examiners where needed.”

“I was nervous about undertaking the Fellowship year, but it has been such a rewarding thing to do. I have studied and reviewed aspects of my practice so that I have a deeper understanding and a confidence in how I approach my work. It has been a great experience and given me more confidence in my “every day” work day that I really do know what I am doing.”

Clinical Fellowship process: 6 easy steps

Obtain the following certificates and documents
Complete the online application & upload documents
Pay the fellowship fee online by credit card
Successfully complete the oral viva exam
Attend the inauguration ceremony at the opening of the ACPAN conference

Clinical Fellowship recertification: 5 easy steps

Your Clinical Fellowship certificate will be valid for three years. After three years, you can apply for recertification. Without timely recertification application, your Clinical Fellowship title will be no longer valid. The recertification process costs $75 (+10% GST) and entails 5 steps.

Obtain the following certificates
Complete the online application & upload documents
Pay the fellowship fee online by credit card
You will receive confirmation of your recertification
TipRecertification as an ACPAN Clinical Fellow may prove challenging as your career may have extended into a non-clinical role like educator or researcher. ACPAN thinks it is essential to acknowledge these high-level professionals and wants to recognise their contributions to perianaesthesia nursing. The Professional fellowship is designed for non-clinical Registered Nurses working in an education or research role within the perianaesthesia domain. For more information, visit the ACPAN website.

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