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Guidelines for the Award of Conference, Education and Research Grants

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Aim of Grants

ACPAN offers grants for conference attendance, education and research, to promote the highest standards of clinical, administrative and educational practice directly and indirectly related to anaesthesia and post anaesthesia nursing by supporting.

  • The professional development of anaesthesia and post anaesthesia nurses
  • Anaesthesia and post anaesthesia nursing research and education

Funding of Grants

Funds allocated to Grants to a total of $25,000 per annum, with each Grant Category allocated a pool of funds. Unused Grant Monies will not “rollover” to future years, until such time that donations of grant monies can be achieved. The Funding year will be the calendar year. Approved Grant funds will be made available to successful applicants within seven days upon submission of receipts. All receipts must be emailed to the ACPAN National Treasurer at

Requirements and Conditions of Grants

  1. The applicant must be a current financial member of ACPAN and have had a minimum of 2 years concurrent membership of ACPAN.
  2. Membership of ACPAN must be maintained during the period of the grant.
  3. Applications must be submitted online
  4. For research grants only, applications must be accompanied by evidence of approval from a relevant research and/or institutional ethics committee.
  5. In reports (in any form) on projects or presentations supported by ACPAN, acknowledgement of ACPAN’s support must be given.
  6. Successful applicants will be required to supply a report/poster presentation suitable for publication in the ACPAN newsletter and/or presentation at a State Seminar or National Conference. This report must be submitted within six weeks of the completion of the activity. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from receiving further grants from ACPAN.

Types of Grants

  1. Research Grant
  2. Educational Grant
  3. National Conference Grant

Closing Dates for Submission

  1. Research Grants: March - September
  2. Education Days: March - June - September
  3. National Conference: June

Approvals Process

Priority will be given as follows:

  1. All Financial Members with two years concurrent membership are eligible.
  2. Demonstrating contribution to peri-anesthesia
  3. Previous grant recipients will be considered after new applications
  4. Any Funds not unused will need to be returned and or justified by receipts

Membership of Grant Committee

  1. Secretary ACPAN College Board
  2. Treasurer ACPAN College Board
  3. Membership Director

The Grant sub-committee must:

  1. Report at least monthly to the ACPAN College Board meetings and make recommendations to the ACPAN College Board regarding the allocation of grant funds.
  2. Develop and review annually the grant application forms
  3. Develop and review annually the selection criteria and procedures
  4. Meet at grant review dates

For further information, please contact the Secretary, ACPAN at

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