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Anaesthesia Nurse Certification

ACPAN Anaesthesia Certification is designed for practicing anaesthesia nurses to demonstrate their specialisation and compliance with practice guidelines of Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthesia (ANZCA) Statement on the Assistant for the Anaesthetist (PS08; 2016) and ACPAN Statements 3 and 4.

The process is suitable for Division 1 Registered Nurses, Division 2 Enrolled Nurses and Anaesthesia Technicians with a minimum of 1900 hours anaesthetics experience (completed within 3 years). Once the process is finalised you will be included as Anaesthesia Nurse in the ACPAN register which is accessible on the ACPAN website and visible for the public (Anaesthesia Technicians will be added to the same register but with the title credentialed Anaesthesia Technician).

TipAs Registered Nurse it is also possible to apply for PACU Nurse certification. See for more information the guide for PACU Nurses level 1.

Anaesthesia Certification process: 5 easy steps

Download the required documents
Fill in and complete
Register your anaesthesia certification application
You will receive confirmation of your certification application

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Anaesthesia recertification: 5 easy steps

Your certification will be valid for three years. After these three years, you can apply for recertification. The recertification process entails 5 steps:

Download the required documents
Prepare an overview of your 30 CPD points
Complete successfully the online anaesthesia certification exams and download the certificates
Update your details and upload all documents
You will receive confirmation of your recertification

Program evaluation

The content of the sub-exams are based on the ACPAN level 1 curriculum for anaesthesia nurses. The exam questions have been written by a large, representative group of experienced perianaesthesia nurses and are relevant to the current practice of anaesthesia nursing in Australia. Each question is referenced, reviewed and updated bi-annually. Continuous upgrading of the question bank and relevant references is a task not undertaken lightly by the ACPAN Board and a stringent process is followed.

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