Australian College of PeriAnaesthesia
Nurses - ACPAN, PO BOX 5134
Burnley, VIC 3121, Australia

Life Membership

The award of Life Membership is the highest honour available to recognise the outstanding contribution to the perioperative nursing profession and their local association of individuals to ACPAN.

It is therefore only to be awarded in exceptional circumstances


  • A nurse/technician currently working in the perioperative field
  • Commitment to perioperative Practice
  • Committee or board member for 10 consecutive years

Entitled to

  • Free membership
  • Reduced cost for education days / conference
  • Access to e–journals
  • Access to e- newsletters
  • Access to grants
  • Eligibility to participate as committee or executive roles

Nominations must be approved through the Executive Board

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Life Members

  • Angela Fraser
  • Donna Hopley
  • Christopher Neilson
  • Katrina Swire
  • Ken Hambrecht
  • Ken Hancock
  • Megan Bumpstead
  • Valerie Howell
  • Wendy Tibbals