Australian College of PeriAnaesthesia
Nurses - ACPAN, PO BOX 5134
Burnley, VIC 3121, Australia

ACPAN National Conference Grant

The “Kelly” Grant.

  1. Total Funds allocated per annum $6,000. Maximum per grant $500.
  2. Grant applications accepted until June 20th.
  3. Grant applicants will be notified of success or rejection of their application by email by Early Bird after ratification at Board meeting in August.
  4. A maximum of two Conference Attendance Grants will be awarded per State/Territory.
  5. Grant allocation will be determined by a process of a ballot, if more than two eligible applications are received for any State/Territory.
  6. Grants will be distributed nationwide by the following criteria.

If the conference is being held in your state/territory then two grants for Conference fees only (early bird rate) are allocated. If there is a valid request for this grant to include additional travel/accommodation costs then an application should be submitted and will be considered by the sub-committee on merit.

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