Australian College of PeriAnaesthesia
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Burnley, VIC 3121, Australia

ACPAN Accredited Education Providers

ACPAN approved ALS/PALS providers

Australian Resuscitation Council - ALS1 (ILS) / ALS2 (ALS) Courses

  • ACPAN members receive an automatic 5% discount to accredited courses
  • ACPAN members can apply for a 40% discount off the OMNI Perianaesthesia Crisis Resource Management course up to 6 weeks prior to the course event date.

University of Adelaide

Graduate Diploma of Anaesthetics and Recovery Nursing

University of Adelaide - Degree Finder

This specialisation is suited to registered nurses currently practising in the specialisation of perianaesthesia nursing who want to build their competencies within this clinical speciality as well as develop their leadership qualities for senior roles in the field.